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Alexander Dominguez 

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I’m really not shocked about the Kim K leaked pictures like if you saw the sex tape you have already seen her goodies already but I’m lowkey shocked about Vanessa H pictures I thought she might learned from the first go around about taking nude pictures and thinking that somebody won’t find them and hacked her again.


Breezy & Usher perform New Flame for the 1st time ever.

Anonymous asked: Skin color shouldn't matter. Everyone is beautiful.





Y’all say stuff like this and I can pull up your blog and there are no black women.

You’ll come here and follow to only “like”, never to reblog, because you don’t want to give anyone the idea that you believe black women are attractive.

I can scroll past basic ass white girls on this website who have over 100,000 but look like uneatable protein and come back to my blog and see beautiful melanin with 1/10th of that….

But yea everyone’s beautiful as you say # privilege

Woooooooh fire in this post



whites and nudes.

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Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via itsthelesbiana)

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Be careful who you vent to.


There’s something beautiful about a black man wearing a smile! <3

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